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Page 1 Running head: PERCEPTION AND COMMUNICATION Perception and Communication – Unit 4 Project CM206-01 Interpersonal Communications August 3, 2010 Professor Susan McIIwain Kaplan University
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Page 2 1. Describe your perception of the situation. I viewed the interaction as one with many opportunities for improvement on both sides of the desk. The mentor may have been teaching the duties that Toya was hired to do, but she lacked what a good teacher should teach. It is one thing to list the things that are required to be completed each day, but it is another thing to teach the best way to do those duties and even more on how a person in that position can offer a bigger value than just getting it done. The value comes from the small details that she can offer, such as proofreading your bosses reports so he doesn't give the perception to his staff of being a poor writer. These smaller details can often times be bigger than the entire job description together. Toya could have helped in this interaction also in knowing she had area's of weakness she noticed in past positions she worked in. She also could have opened herself up to accept feedback in a positive way. She gave the perception that she was insecure and by her constant need for reassurance and praise gave off a perception of someone who should be approached lightly and delicately. By her defensive response to the initial conversation of how well she thought she was doing, reaffirmed that she was not someone who took feedback as opportunity for improvement, but instead should be handled with kid gloves. 2. What do you think is the self-concept of Toya? Toya has a self-concept that seems to have received negative feedback in the past.
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CM206_Unit4_Project - Page 1 Running head: PERCEPTION AND...

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