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Page 1 Running head: NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION Nonverbal Communication – Unit 6 Project CM206-01 Interpersonal Communications July 27, 2010 Professor Susan McIIwain Kaplan University
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What is the name of the show? Miami Medical Who are the main characters and what are their relationships to each other? Dr. Proctor, patient requesting a duck before consenting to surgery, Nurse with a job to get a consent form signed before surgery can take place. Their relationship is that of doctor/patient and doctor/nurse who friends are as well. What are five nonverbal types that you observed in the program? Kinesics was the main form used in my scenario by all the body language used to reinforce verbal communication expressed. The physical appearance was clear from the surgeon and nurse's apparel being that of the medical staff and the lovely garb given to patients was not that to be easily missed. The staff working in the hospital also adorned various artifacts that signified their duties in the ward. For example, the nurses wearing a smock with pocket that hold various instruments used when tending to patients. The doctors most times would either have clipboards in hand or stethoscope around the neck, which indicates they could answer questions about ailments presented. The environmental factors in the various scenes ranged in the urgency of the situation. In an examination room, things were lower key and most people still wore the puerile smile that says everything is fine, just here getting a checkup. When the environment changed to a hallway, or operating room, things changed in the demeanor of all present to more serious and efficiency in the steps taken by the medical staff. Explain with details from the program.
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CM206_Unit6_Project - Page 1 Running head: NONVERBAL...

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