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The about Cell phone what’s the source Sounds like an unknown source Lack of evidence mostly talks Breast cancer issue no data no clinical trials no real true source just sounds like a resume Global institute for alternative medicine evidence to back up studies have the experiment provide results and give to two other look the source lin hardy credentials are nature homeopathic doctor is no big deal. How creditable are her credentials. People make a mistake of believe because she is a doctor with her name they think it’s true. What her credentials and can they be trusted we have to have parasites.
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Unformatted text preview: People will use some suitable facts and reputable source to help up them their research. They are trying to sell you a product then should have a big red flag and trying to scare you to buy her products. Not a good idea the NYP for source question everything author credentials and sources and manipulation of data source of funding She tries to be more acceptable to reg medicine Can be a placebo effect Male clinic An extraordinary clam has to have extraordinary evidence....
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