Week 2 DQ 1 Simultaneous Equations

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Week 2 DQ 1 Simultaneous Equations Due Week 2 Day 3 Simultaneous equations are a set of equations containing multiple variables. What are two examples of how simultaneous equations are used in business? What are some of the different ways you can satisfy these equations? Simultaneous equations, also sometimes referred to as a system of equations is a mathematical equation which contains two or more variables. The most typical way to solve these problems is to find each variable, separate it, and find its exact value. Checking in the end if the exact value when replaced makes the equation true. This week’s reading made some of the best examples about when a simultaneous equations are used in business. One of the equations I could best relate with was regarding solving a mixture problem involving a percentage. For a short time I worked for a chemical distribution company, who provided many kinds of different industrial solvents, for clients as large at the government. In this since many of the chemicals were volatile, and couldn’t be added together until they were
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