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35 AC Circuits Recommended class days: 2 Background Information AC circuits are an important application of electricity and magnetism, but no new physics is required. This is an extension of the study of DC circuits in Chapter 31, and the same misunder- standings about current and voltage will continue to haunt students unless those misunderstandings were successfully dealt with in Chapter 31. The title of this chapter, although conventional, is somewhat of a misnomer. Rather than being about “household electricity,” as most students would surmise, the phasor analysis and the majority of topics (e.g., resonance circuits) are more relevant to radiofrequency circuits. Phasor analysis will be a new idea for nearly all students, and many find the idea rather difficult. Students don’t readily distinguish between instantaneous values ( v and i ), peak values ( V and I ) and rms values ( V rms and I rms ), and they’re often not sure which to use. Student Learning Objectives • To use a phasor analysis to analyze AC circuits. • To understand RC filter circuits. • To understand the series RLC circuit and resonance. • To calculate power loss in an AC circuit using the power factor. Pedagogical Approach All results in this chapter are derived from the geometry of a phasor diagram. Complex impedances are not introduced. Students need to see careful explanations of phasors, the distinction between
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Instructors_Guide_Ch35 - 35 AC Circuits Recommended class...

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