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References This bibliography is a guide to the literature on physics education research and active learning. It is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather a starting point to locate some of the books and papers that have influenced this guidebook and my textbook. References marked with an * are those I consider to be good entry points into the literature. Journal citations are limited primarily to The American Journal of Physics , Physics Today , and The Physics Teacher, because most instructors have ready access to these. For those inclined to go deeper into the subject, the McDermott and Redish (1999) resource letter provides an extensive bibliography with short annotations for each citation. The references cited in Hammer (1996) and Reddish (1994) are also a good place to start. Arons’ Teaching Introductory Physics (or his earlier A Guide to Introductory Physics Teaching ) is a resource that no physics instructor should be without. It is an excellent introduction to the issues of physics education research. A more general book on cognitive science, which may be of interest to some instructors, is Howard Gardner’s The Mind’s New Science: A History of the Cognitive Revolution (1987). Sheila Tobias provides an insightful look at science education in They’re Not Dumb, They’re Different (1990). B. S. Ambrose, P. S. Shaffer, R. N. Steinberg, and L. C. McDermott, “An investigation of student understanding of single-slit diffraction and double-slit interference,” Am. J. Phys . 67 , 146–155 (1999). A. B. Arons, “Cognitive level of college physics students,” Am. J. Phys . 47 , 650–651 (1979). A. B. Arons, “Phenomenology and logical reasoning in introductory physics courses,” Am. J. Phys . 50 , 13–20 (1982). * A. B. Arons, “Student patterns of thinking and reasoning,” Part 1: The Phys. Teach. 21 , 576– 581 (1983); Parts 2 and 3: The Phys. Teach. 22 , 21–26 and 88–93 (1984). * A. B. Arons, A Guide to Introductory Physics Teaching , John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1990. A. B. Arons, Teaching Introductory Physics * E. Bagno and B.-S. Eylon, “From problem solving to a knowledge structure: An example from the domain of electromagnetism,” Am. J. Phys . 65 , 726–736 (1997). R. Chabay and B. Sherwood, Electric and Magnetic Interactions , John Wiley & Sons, New York, 2002. J. Clement, “Students’ preconceptions in introductory mechanics,” Am. J. Phys . 50 , 66–71 (1982). R. Cohen, B. Eylon, and U. Ganiel, “Potential difference and current in simple electric circuits: A study of students’ concepts,” Am. J. Phys . 51 , 407–412 (1983). C. Crouch and E. Mazur, “Peer Instruction: Ten years of experience and results,
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Instructors_Guide_Refs - References This bibliography is a...

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