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Karakoram_House_Collapse_-_PAR-case_analysis - Box 2.2(At...

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1 Box 2.2 (At Risk): Karakoram and house collapse: PAR Case Analysis Construct a Pressure and Release (PAR) model to explain the progression of vulnerability in Pakistan using the scenario described below. This case comes from an interdisciplinary study of housing safety in the Karakoram area of northern Pakistan (Davis 1984b; D’Souza 1984). We follow the chain of explanation that links vulnerability to the specific physical trigger that creates a disaster in reverse, starting with ‘unsafe conditions’. The PAR model may be constructed equally well in either direction of causality, starting with unsafe conditions and working from the specific to the general or vice versa (see, for example, Blaikie’s (1989) causal chain of land degradation from the specific site characteristics to more distant causes arising from the global political economy). The research team carefully examined local dwellings and settlement patterns within the context of a rural economy of Karakoram area of northern Pakistan. They found that the communities were at risk from a wide range of hazards. In this region traditional dwellings were built with stone masonry walls. A series of timber bands were set at
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  • Fall '09
  • NiruNirupama
  • Gilgit-Baltistan, unsafe conditions, Karakoram area, traditional dwellings, region traditional dwellings

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Karakoram_House_Collapse_-_PAR-case_analysis - Box 2.2(At...

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