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Protein Article Search The best know food that provides protein is meat. “Protein is in every cell of the human body: from the hairs on our head to our toe nails, and everything in-between” (Piette, 1995&2008). In order to maintain good health, protein is a necessity for everyone. In Adults protein is used for repairs (Piette, 1995&2008). But in children it has another function, growth” (Piette, 1995&2008). In order to grow a larger physique, children must have proteins. If children do not have the correct amount of protein, children will not grow to their average height. “The following foods provide eight grams of protein: eight ounces of milk or yogurt, one ounce of cheese; one ounce of chicken, beef, or fish, ½ cup of red beans, or two tablespoons of peanut butter” (Piette, 1995&2008). “A child aged one to three years old need sixteen grams of protein (Piette, 1995&2008). A child aged four to six years old need twenty-four grams of protein (Piette,
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Unformatted text preview: 1995&2008). A child aged seven to ten years old need twenty-eight grams of protein” (Piette, 1995&2008). Additionally, protein helps to fight deadly flu viruses. There have been several studies where they are testing on mice. They still have not found out exactly how much protein helps to fight these deadly flu viruses but they are still doing several tests to check on this. References Piette, L. D. (1995&2008). Health Publications. How much protein does your toddler need? bNet. Retrieved December 04, 2010 from University Of Rochester Medical Center (2004, February 20). Protein Helps Immune System Mount 'Instant Strike' Against Deadly Flu Viruses. ScienceDaily. Retrieved December 04, 2010 from /releases/2004/02/040220080655.htm...
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