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Multivitamin Review - enough for the both of us but...

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Multivitamin Review I am pregnant, so I looked over my prenatal vitamins that I take every day. I take one a day every day after I eat. When I was looking over the recommendations in the chapters I noticed that my intake of vitamins is a lot different and that I need more vitamins than a normal person. I do eat healthy for my baby, so the doctor says the more vitamins I consume the better the baby will be. For a regular person the toxic levels are important to know about. You would not want to get more than recommended due to too many certain vitamins would have damaging effects on your body. I take my prenatal vitamins to make sure the baby is getting the proper amount of vitamins with the health issues that are out there it is very important that she gets vitamins. Sometimes I try to eat
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Unformatted text preview: enough for the both of us but sometimes I might not get the vitamins I am suppose to so taking the prenatal vitamins will help get the ones I miss. As far as raising the toxic levels, I do not see that being an issue right now while I am pregnant. I need all the nutrients and vitamins I can at this point in my pregnancy. When I do have the baby I will not have to take the vitamins, but do need to watch my calorie intake. After the baby, the toxicity levels could affect my liver, as well as making me feel bad to me it is very important to get the recommended vitamins but not to overdo it on the amount in which I consume....
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