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University of California, Los Angeles Department of Statistics Statistics 100A Instructor: Nicolas Christou Exam 2 - Practice problems Problem 1 Answer the following questions: a. The amount of snow during winter at a certain mountain in California follows the normal distribution with mean μ = 50 inches and standard deviation σ = 5 inches. Find the probability that this year’s amount of snow at at this location will be between 43.85 and 56.75 inches. b. Refer to question (a). What is the distribution of the amount of snow in centimeters? Note: 1 inch=2.54 cm. c. Let X 1 ,X 2 , ··· ,X n be independent gamma random variables with X i Γ( α i ) (same β but different α ). What is the distribution of X 1 , + X 2 + ··· + X n ? Hint : Use moment generating functions. d. Let X Γ(3 , 1). Find E ( X 4 ). Problem 2 The number of internet users that visit a particular website follows the Poisson distribution with λ = 120 per hour (2 per minute). a. Let
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