cbind - cbind cfw_base R Documentation Combine R Objects by...

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cbind {base} R Documentation Combine R Objects by Rows or Columns Description Take a sequence of vector, matrix or data frames arguments and combine by c olumns or r ows, respectively. These are generic functions with methods for other R classes. Usage cbind(. .., deparse.level = 1) rbind(. .., deparse.level = 1) Arguments ... vectors or matrices. These can be given as named arguments. Other R objects will be coerced as appropriate: see sections ‘Details’ and ‘Value’. (For the "data.frame" method of cbind these can be further arguments to data.frame such as stringsAsFactors .) deparse.level integer controlling the construction of labels in the case of non-matrix-like arguments (for the default method): deparse.level = 0 constructs no labels; the default, deparse.level = 1 or 2 constructs labels from the argument names, see the ‘Value’ section below. Details The functions cbind and rbind are S3 generic, with methods for data frames. The data frame method will be used if at least one argument is a data frame and the rest are vectors or matrices. There can be other methods; in particular, there is one for time series objects. See the section on ‘Dispatch’ for how the method to be used is selected. In the default method, all the vectors/matrices must be atomic (see vector ) or lists. Expressions are not allowed. Language objects (such as formulae and calls) and pairlists will be coerced to lists: other objects (such as names and external pointers) will be included as elements in a list result. Any classes the inputs might have are discarded (in particular, factors are replaced by their internal codes). If there are several matrix arguments, they must all have the same number of columns (or rows) and this will
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cbind - cbind cfw_base R Documentation Combine R Objects by...

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