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drop {base} R Documentation Drop Redundant Extent Information Description Delete the dimensions of an array which have only one level. Usage drop(x) Arguments x an array (including a matrix). Value If x is an object with a dim attribute (e.g., a matrix or array ), then drop returns an object like x , but with any extents of length one removed. Any accompanying dimnames attribute is adjusted and returned with x : if the result is a vector the names are taken from the dimnames
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Unformatted text preview: (if any). If the result is a length-one vector, the names are taken from the first dimension with a dimname. Array subsetting ( [ ) performs this reduction unless used with drop = FALSE , but sometimes it is useful to invoke drop directly. See Also drop1 which is used for dropping terms in models. Examples dim(drop(array(1:12, dim=c(1,3,1,1,2,1,2))))# = 3 2 2 drop(1:3 %*% 2:4)# scalar product [Package base version 2.11.1 Index ]...
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