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Lecture Notes: 9/28/06 the most sexually sensitive part of a man's body = the corona (around the head of the penis) group that has the most sex= married couples 75-80% of heterosexuals lose their virginity by age 19 after having sex for the first time, young MEN often feel anxiety about their performance after having sex for the first time, young WOMEN often feel guilt or regret the number one reason WOMEN have sex for the first time is for love or because of a desire to be loved, while the number one reason MEN have sex for the first time is curiosity the first time with intercourse is a “mixed motive gendered game lingam (penis) and yoni (vagina)= terms in tantric sex there's a huge difference between Judeo-christian views of sexuality (body and spirit are opposed) and the Asian (Tao, Confucian, Hindu) views of sexuality (that body and spirit are joined)-->believed sexuality could bring you closer to God Taoists believed that sexuality was good but that ejaculation was bad G-spot : experts debate its existence, but if it does exist it's in the upper wall of the vagina approximately two inches in levonorgestrel implant (norplant) =the contraceptive least likely to fail in real-life sexual encounters the avg. time a couple spends making love in total: half an hour the clitorus has eight times as man nerve endings as the penis more than 40 million sexually active adults have had human papilloma virus (HPV)--> 80% of sexually active people have had it the number one thing heterosexual males say they would change about their partners is that they wish they would initiate sex more often the sexual position that provides the most clitoral stimulation is missionary position number two: male on top with legs fully extended, female on her back with her legs closed and extended straight out of couples who have been together more than five years cohabitation couples are the ones having the most sex
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between 10 and 20% of people in the US admit to having cheated on a partner men who do the dishes have more sex in marriage Gender of Sexuality-->Chapter One Notes sexual behavior = the sexual acts that people engage in sexual desire = the motivation to engage in sexual acts gender : relates both the biological and social contexts of sexual behavior and desire evolutionary psychology: the idea that humans have an innate, genetically triggered impulse to pass on their genetic material through sexual reproduction-->this impulse is called reproductive fitness reproductive categories: R and K reproductive categories—R species produce zillions of kids at a time, and parenting isn't important, like in fish. K species have a greater investment in each fertilized egg, like in humans hypergamy : the practice of younger women seeking older men who have more status, power, and resources “sex positive” society: societies (like Sweden) that look at sex and sexual
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SOC372_1 - Lecture Notes the most sexually sensitive part...

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