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IDS 532 Test 1 Review Outline Introduction (Chapter 1) Organizational Functions (Figure 1.1) Productivity (Productivity Challenge) Strategy (Chapter 2) Product life cycle curve (Figure 2.5) Operations Strategy (Ten Strategic OM Decisions) Project Management (Chapter 3) Critical Path Method CPM (Determining the Project Schedule) What is a Gantt Chart (Project Scheduling) Forecasting (Chapter 4) The Types of Forecasts (Forecasting Approaches) Time Series Forecasting (Time Series Forecasting) Simple Moving Average Exponential Smoothing Mean Absolute Deviation (or Error) Regression Analysis (Associative Forecasting Methods) What makes a good product (Goods and Services Selection) What is QFD (Product Development) Group Technology (Defining the Product) Production Documents (Documents for Production)
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Unformatted text preview: • Decision Trees & Expected Monetary Value (Service Design) Quality Control (Chapter 6) • Pareto Principal (Tools of TQM) • Cause and Effect Diagram (Tools of TQM) • ISO Standards (International Quality Standards) • What is TQM (Total Quality Management) Statistical Process Control (Chapter S6) • How to use Control Charts (Statistical Process Control) • When to use X and R charts (Statistical Process Control) • Producer and Consumer Risk (Acceptance Sampling) Process Planning (Chapter 7) • Fixed and Variable Cost (Four Process Strategies) • Crossover (Four Process Strategies) 1 Capacity Planning (Chapters S7) • Utilization and Efficiency (Capacity) • Breakeven (Break-Even Analysis) Location Strategies (Chapter 8) • Factor-Rating Method • Locational Break-Even Analysis 2...
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Test1_Review_Outline - • Decision Trees& Expected...

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