EECS501F09_syllabus - EECS 501 Probability and Random...

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1 EECS 501 Probability and Random Processes Fall 2009 Lectures: TTh 10:30 am – 12 noon, 1500 EECS Bldg. Recitation: Tue 3:30 pm – 5 pm 1010 DOW Bldg. (section 11) or M 4:30 pm -6 pm, 2233 GGBL Bldg. (section 12) Instructor: Professor K. A. Winick 4423 EECS Bldg. Tel: 764-5203 Email: Office Hours: M 10:30 am - 12 noon and W 4 pm -5:30 pm Teaching Assistant: Ali Kakhbod TA room – 2420 EECS Bldg., Tel: 936-3526 Email: Office Hours: TBA Textbooks/Course Matieral: (1) Primary: EECS 501 Lecture (posted on course Ctools web site) (2) Secondary: John A. Gubner, Probability and Random Processes for Electrical and Computer Engineers , Cambridge University Press (2006) Prerequisites: EECS 401 or Graduate Student Standing Course Content: Introduction to probability and random processes. Basic combinatorics. Basic concepts of probability, i.e., probability spaces, events, set operations, and probability axioms. Sigma fields. Conditional probability. Bayes’ rule, law of total probability and independence. Random variables – discrete, continuous, probability distributions and densities, moments. Jointly distributed random variables. Joint probability distributions of functions of random variables. Properties of expectation. Moment generating functions.
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EECS501F09_syllabus - EECS 501 Probability and Random...

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