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1207 Techniques for Debugging MATLAB M-files Revision: 1.0 Last Date Modified: 28-April-2003 Introduction 1. Who Should Use This Tech Note? 2. What Does This Tech Note Cover? 3. Definitions of Terms 4. Conventions 5. For What Versions of MATLAB Are These Techniques Valid? Bug Types 6. What Are the Three Main Types of Bugs? Graphical Debugging Using the MATLAB Editor/Debugger 7. What Debugging Tools Are Available from the MATLAB Editor/Debugger? 8. Breakpoint Menu and Buttons 9. Debug Menu and Buttons 10. Datatips for Variables 11. Evaluate Selection 12. Help On Selection Debugging from the MATLAB Command Prompt 13. What Debugging Tools Are Available at the MATLAB Command Prompt? 14. Setting, Clearing, and Querying Breakpoints 15. Moving from Workspace to Workspace 16. Executing Your Code Using the DBSTEP Function 17. Displaying Status Messages Periodically 18. Using the TRY/CATCH Block to Capture Errors 19. Using the ERROR Function with the LASTERR and RETHROW Functions 20. The WHICH Function Common Errors and Warnings 21. Download the Examples Errors 22. Error Using ==> Reshape 23. Subscripted Assignment Dimension Mismatch 24. ")" Expected, "End of Line" Found 25. Function Not Defined For Variables of Class Class Page 1 of 30 Technical Note 1207: Techniques for Debugging MATLAB M-files 5/13/2003
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Introduction Section 1: Who Should Use This Technical Note? This Tech Note is intended for anyone writing code in MATLAB who would like to learn how to use MATLABs tools to find and eliminate bugs within their programs. Although it is not required, before reading this Tech Note, it is recommended that you review the Debugging M - files section in Chapter 7 of the Using MATLAB (PDF) manual, which briefly discusses the MATLAB Editor's debugging capabilities. Section 2: What Does This Tech Note Cover? This Tech Note describes how to detect syntax errors in your MATLAB functions and scripts. It includes clear descriptions and illustrations of the tools you can use to detect and correct errors, along with examples that demonstrate some of the more common errors MATLAB programmers encounter. The Common Errors and Warnings section of this Tech Note, beginning with Section 21, describes some of the more commonly encountered error and warning messages. This Tech Note cannot, of course, describe all the possible error and warning messages that functions in MATLAB may return, due to the infinite number of code sequences you might program. However, the techniques you will use in debugging the errors and warnings in this section will provide you with a foundation that you can use to help determine the source of errors not listed in this Tech Note. This Tech Note will
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debugging_m_files - Technical Note 1207: Techniques for...

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