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Each of these features will be explained and illustrated with the plot created by executing the following MATLAB code: x=0:.1:20; y1=sin(x); y2=cos(x); plot(x,y1,x,y2); legend('sin','cos'); axis([0 20 -2 2]); grid on; title('Plot of sin and cos'); xlabel('x'); Now resize the plot until it is a few inches in height and looks roughly like the illustration below: 2003 Issues January 2002 Issues November September July May March January 2001 Issues November September June March 2000 Issues December September June March Archived Articles 1999-1998 Subscribe Now Exporting Figures for Publication: Part 2 by: Ben Hinkle The article "Exporting Figures for Publication" in the June, 2000 MATLAB digest introduced the MATLAB function exportfig.m as a tool to help produce publication-quality output of figures and plots. The main goal of the function is to make it easier to control the size, the font sizes, the line widths and the color of the output. This article describes some of the features in a new version of exportfig.m and introduces three new functions previewfig.m , applytofig.m and restorefig.m to complement the functionality of exportfig.m . Download these files individually by clicking on the provided links and place the downloaded files on your MATLAB path. The roles of these four functions are summarized in the table: There are many new features in the exportfig.m family, but this article will focus on these four features: exportfig.m export the figure to a file previewfig.m preview the figure applytofig.m apply the export options directly to the figure restorefig.m restore the figure to the original state
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exporting_for_publication - Digest Article Exporting...

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