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1206 Printing and Exporting Guide Revision: 1.0 Last Date Modified: 06-February-2003 Introduction 1. What is the purpose of this document? Producing Publication Quality Graphics 2. Producing publication quality graphics Understanding Printing 3. Printing vs. exporting 4. How do I control the destination of my printout? 5. How do I control the format of my printout? 6. Which format should I use to export graphs from MATLAB into other Windows based applications? Troubleshooting 7. Can I change the default printer that MATLAB prints to from a script? 8. Why are certain objects the wrong color when exported or printed? 9. What are my rendering options when I print from MATLAB? 10. What are the general steps I can take to debug printing problems? 11. Commonly asked Printing Questions 12. What do I do if I need to contact technical support? Section 1: What is the purpose of this document? This document deals with the printing and exporting of MATLAB figures. It explains the various settings that affect output and provides a guide to troubleshooting the problems that may occur during the process of printing or exporting MATLAB figures. Besides MATLAB figure windows, there are several other user interface components that you can print (like the MATLAB desktop, editor or the help browser). The MATLAB desktop, along with the Editor and the Help browser, are all Java-based components. They are all printed using an inherently different method than that used by the MATLAB figure window. All of the information contained herein pertains to printing MATLAB figure windows only. Note: There are several options you can use when printing from the desktop, editor, or help browser. More detailed help on this can be found in the documentation. Page 1 of 10 Technical Note 1206: Printing and Exporting Guide 2/27/2003
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Section 2: Producing Publication Quality Graphics The MATLAB Digest article on Exporting Figures for Publication gets you started with creating presentation quality graphics quickly. There are two parts to this article spread over two editions of the Digest. The second part of this article can be found in the MATLAB Digest December 2000 issue . Solution 1818 contains more information on printing to high quality graphics formats including PostScript, Windows Metafiles, and HPGL. Section 3: Printing vs. exporting It is necessary to make the distinction between the various terms used when discussing the creation of graphical output. l Printing: The process of printing MATLAB figures directly to a printer or a file l Exporting: The process of exporting MATLAB figures to various file formats that can then be imported into other applications for manipulation l Saving: The process of saving MATLAB figures to a file that can be reopened in MATLAB later for further manipulation For the purpose of this document, only the processes of printing and exporting will be discussed. All printing and exporting in MATLAB is handled through the
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printing_exporting - Technical Note 1206 Printing and...

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