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Unformatted text preview: EXTREMALPO INTSOFAFUNCT IONALONTHE SETOFCONVEXFUNCT ION S T .LACHAND-ROBERTANDM .A .PELET IER A bstract . W einvest igatetheex trem a lpo in tso fafunct iona l R f ( r u ) ,foraconvexorconcavefunct ion f .Theadm iss ib lefunc- t ion s u : R N ! R areconvexthem se lvesandsat isfyacond i- t ion uuu .W eshow thattheex trem a lpo in tsareexact ly u and u ifthesefunct ion sareconvexandco inc ideontheboundary @ .N oexp lic itregu lar itycond it ion isim posedon f , u ,or u . Sub sequen t lyw ed iscu ssanum bero fex ten s ion s ,suchasthecase when u or u arenon-convexordonotco inc ideontheboundary , whenthefunct ion f a lsodepend son u ,etc . R esum e . O nrecherchelesm in im aetm ax im ad 'unefonct ionne lle delaform e R f ( r u ) ,avec f concaveouconvexe ,su rl'en sem b le desfonct ion s u : R N ! R qu ison te lles-m ^ em esastre in tes a^ etreconvexesetsat isfon tunecond it iondebarr ieredelaform e u uu .O nm on trequecesex trem ason tp rec isem en t u ou u ,lorsquecesfonct ion sson tconvexesetega lesaubordde . A ucunecond it ionderegu lar iten 'estrequ isesu r f , u , u ou . D ieren tesgenera lisat ion sson td iscu teesega lem en t: u ou u nonconvexes , f dependan tau ss ide u ,etc . . Introduct ion Thea im o fth ispaperistocharacter izetheso lu t ion so fthevar ia- t iona lp rob lem s in f u C Z f ( r u ) or sup u C Z f ( r u ) () onaseto fadm iss ib lefunct ion s C = f u : ! R isconvexand uuu g ; M a them a ticsSub jec tC lassica tion . K. K eyw ordsandphrases. ex trem a lpo in ts ,convex itycon stra in t ,non-convex m in im izat ion . P arto fth isw orkw ascarr iedou tdu r ingav is ito fthesecondau thortoU n ivers ite P ierreetM ar ieCu r ieunderthecon tracto ftheEu ropeanU n ion CHRXCT . T .LACHAND-ROBERTANDM .A .PELET IER where isaboundedsub seto f R N and u ;u : ! R N areconvexand co inc ideon @ (seeSect ionforgenera lizat ion s) .Them a intheorem , Theorem ,estab lishesaconnect ionbetw eentheconvex ityp ropert ies o f f andthenatu reo ftheex trem a lpo in ts . F orthein tegra lin()tobew e ll-denedon C w eneedtoin troduce som ehypotheses .W ereca llthatanyconvexfunct ionon isL ip- sch itzcon t inuou soncom pactsub setso f andd ierent iab lea lm ost everywherein ;undertheadd it iona lhypothes is ( H ) r u isboundeda .e .on com b inedw ith( H )be low theset C isem bedded in W ; ( ) .Indeed , ( H )andtheconvex ity im p lythat kr u k L ( ) kr u k L ( ) u C : () U ndertheassum p t ion so fTheoremthefunct ion f iscon t inuou sand there forethein tegra lisw e ll-denedandbounded from be lowon C . W ea lsorem arkherethatbytheresu ltso ftheset C iscom pact ly im bedded in W ;p loc ( )forany p< .C on sequen t lytheinm um in()isatta ined .F oracom p leted...
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