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pc1144_ay0708_sem2 - Answers to PC1144 AY0708 Paper Part I...

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Answers to PC1144 AY0708 Paper Part I 1(i) E = K.E. + rest energy 1(ii) Use E = γ mc 2 , p= γ mu 1(iii) E=pc=hc/ λ 2(i) Wavefunction & probability density 2(ii) Classically: Spend more time at end of amplitude Quantum: Zero probability at certain region, and non-zero probability at region |x|>A 3 0:05MeV 4(i) Energy required to break up the nucleus into its constituent parts 4(ii) 92.2 Mev 5 493.7MeV/c 2 Part II 6(a) (b) -0.118c (c) Speed of light c, Einstein postulate 2 7(a)(i) (ii) substitution to (i) 7(b) 275 nm 7(c) Wavefunction & probability density
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