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pc1144_ay0405_sem2 - 0.8c Moreover the inertial reference...

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Answer to PC1144 AY0405 Paper Part I 1(a) Refer textbook 1(b) Photons of 10 different energies can be emitted. 2 Hint: Approach from conservation of momentum and energy 3(a)(b) 3(c) The difference between the energy levels of the harmonic oscillator is hf . This is in agreement with blackbody radiation, where each photon has an energy of hf . 4(a) J E 22 min 10 27 . 5 4(b) Smaller, because the average lifetime of an energy state in H atom is larger (10 -8 s) 5 For 1 particle, strangeness 3 , charge 1 Part II 6(a)(i) ' 0 ' t t x 6(a)(ii) L L t p 0 6(b)(i) 2 years (ii) 4 years (iii) 2.4 ly 6(b)(iv) The captain is not in an inertial frame when he accelerates to and decelerates from
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Unformatted text preview: 0.8c. Moreover, the inertial reference frames of the captain and his wife are approximations, because there are accelerating effects such as gravitational attraction and rotating frames. 6(c) 4 . 6  t years 7(a) Hint: Substitute the solution to the Schrodinger equation 7(b) Hint: KE E n  7(c) The particle cannot be found in the centre of the box when n is even. This is because the wavefunction is a node at the center for even n . 7(d) 4 8(a) 1.1 MeV (b) 23.8 MeV (c) 24.7 MeV National University of Singapore Physics Society 2009...
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