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pc1144_ay0506_sem2 - Answer to PC1144 0506 Paper Part I 1...

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Answer to PC1144 0506 Paper Part I 1 Mistakes: (i) The wavefunction is not sinuisoidal before the potential barrier. (ii) The wavefunction is discontinuous at both sides of potential barrier. One is not of the same value, another one has different first derivative. (iii) The wavefunction in the potential barrier is not exponential decay. 2 6 10 22 . 8 revolutions 3 Refer textbook for graphs. Probability 6 / 1 4 m x 2 10 39 . 2 5(i) All conserved. Reaction can proceed. 5(ii) All conserved. Reaction can proceed. 5(iii) All conserved except lepton number. Reaction cannot proceed. 5(iv) All conserved except strangeness. Reaction cannot proceed. Part II 6(a) Hint: Combine the two given equations and using the fact ' ' ' dt dx u x , dt dx u x 6(b) Hint: 0 2 c v 6(c) Hint: c u x 6(d) c v positron 966 . 0 6(e) c v gamma , gamma ray is EM radiation, it travels in speed of light 7(a) Hint: Compute 2 2 2 c p E
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