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Group work rules 1. All group members should sit together in lectures and recitations. When a question is asked in lecture, group members should pool their ideas so that whichever member is called upon to answer can utilize the knowledge of the entire group. 2. Exchange names and/or email addresses and/or addresses and/or phone numbers with one another in the group so that you can contact each other easily. 3. Write your name and group number on all group assignments that are handed in. 4. For group homework, hand in only one assignment per group, but make sure you write down the names of only those people who contributed to
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Unformatted text preview: the solution. Only those whose names are written will get credit for the group homework. If no names are written, then no one will get any credit. 5. All assignments will be returned clipped together by group. The first member to come to class should pick up all the assignments for that group and distribute to the other group members. 6. If a group member is absent, one other member of the group should collect the absent member's assignment, any handouts, and give them to him/her as soon as possible along with lecture notes for that day. 7. Only one member should pick up any handouts for the whole group....
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