9-22 notes - subsidence Ridge: poleward bulge of warm air....

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Geography 1111 9/22/08 UPPER LEVEL WINDS AND WEATHER FORECASTING 1. Finish global circulation 2. Polar front and Georgia weather 3. Upper level winds 4. Links between jet stream and surface weather Seasonal Shifts in Global Circulation Intense surface heating—N of 0degrees in summer, S of 0degrees in winter. All circulation features shift N in our summer, S in our winter. Upper Level Winds and Georgia Weather In Winter: PFW active Cyclonic storms with warm/cold fronts common Frontal wedging zone Strong influence of polar front jet stream In Summer: Unstable STHP in the region Convective thunderstorms common Thermal convection dominates
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Polar front migrates north, fronts uncommon Equator- Heating expansion Poles- Cold air
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Unformatted text preview: subsidence Ridge: poleward bulge of warm air. Trough: equatorward bulge of cold air Jet stream Core of upper levels westerliesmaximum wind speeds. Zonal Flow Aloft Zonal flow: straight W E winds Normal conditions Meridional flow: meandering W E winds Pronounced temperature departures from normal. Map of surface temperatures Warm under ridge Cold under trough Jet stream controls: 1. Position of PF at the surface 2. Storm tracks taken by surface Ls. 3. Where surface L forms 4. Temp patterns at surface Surface Lforms beneath trough Surface Hforms beneath ridge Temperature gradient in winter>in the summer stronger upper level winds in winter...
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9-22 notes - subsidence Ridge: poleward bulge of warm air....

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