10-8 - 8. Biotic Factors a. Biotic influences i....

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10-8-08 1. Factors Influencing Vegetation 2. Climate a. Light b. Water = needed for PSN( Plant source nutrients) c. Temperature 3. Substrate a. Geologic material- supply of nutrients in the soil i. Nutrient-rich: limestone, basalt(volcanic) ii. Nutrient-poor: sandstone, granite 4. a. Soil texture- available water capacity i. Clay- smallest particles, fine texture, holds water strongly ii. Silt- mid-sized particles, holds water moderately iii. Sand-largest particles ,course texture, drains easily iv. Loam-mixture of sand ,silt and clay 5. 6. Topography a. Elevation i. Temperature goes down with elevation ii. Rainfall goes up with elevation( orographic effects) 7. a. Slope steepness i. Steeper slopes-drier ii. Slope aspect
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Biotic Factors a. Biotic influences i. Competition for light in the shade of the other, taller trees b. Mutualism: pollination and seed dispersal 9. Time 10. Vegetation classification a. Longevity b. Leaf form and persistence i. Form: neddleleaf vs.broadleaf ii. Persistence: deciduous v evergreen 11. a. Stature b. Vegetation structure i. Grassland ii. Shrub land iii. Savanna iv. Forest 12. Basic Plant requirements: 13. Sunlight(energy source for PSN) 14. Water( circulatory system) 15. Heat( temperature regulates rates of PSN and RSP) 16. Carbon Dioxide( raw material for PSN) 17. Nutrients( needed to manufacture proteins)...
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10-8 - 8. Biotic Factors a. Biotic influences i....

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