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10-29-08 - Long Leaf Pine • Distributed throughout...

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10-29-08 Biodiversity and Conservation: Longleaf Pine Forests 1. Vegetation dynamics: succession 2. Types of fire 3. Longleaf pine ecosystems: video Vegetation Succession Disturbances (fire, flood, volcano, etc): Provides open ground for new plants triggers successional recovery process Early successional plants—adapted to high light, bare mineral soils. Grow rapidly, often short lived Late successional plants—adapted to low light, competition with other plants Grow slowly, often long lived Oaks, red oaks Surface vs. Canopy Fires Surface fires—lower temperatures, less destructive, kill’s grasses, herbs, small woody plants. Grasses regrow quickly Trees with thick bark survive Canopy fires—higher temperatures, more destructive, kills most plants Triggers successional replacement process High spatial variability in burn pattern—burn through large areas, but 400 yards away there could be an area not burned at all, other areas can have patches burned Fire adapted—midlatitude grasslands, southern pine forests…etc
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Unformatted text preview: Long Leaf Pine • Distributed throughout coastal plane of GA • Fire is a natural component • Pretty much long gone. ..used to extend in eastern Texas up to N. Virginia. 97% of original forest has been lost. 1. Role of fire in maintaining pine leaf forest? Fire is essential. It would be like taking the rain out of the rainforest. Without fire the long leaf forest would not exist. Biologists now have to prescribe fires. Burning allows trees to germinate. 2. What problems are caused by fire suppression? Humans not allowing fires to occur… too much new vegetation won’t be able to survive fires 3. What is a keystone species? Important species for constructing an ecosystem. 4. Why is the gopher tortoise a keystone species? One of the oldest living creatures on Earth. Range of species have decreased because their habitat has disappeared and been destroyed. Burrows are imp. to so many species....
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