27 - Geography 1111 10/24/08 & 10/27/08 Soil Geography 1....

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Geography 1111 Soil Geography 1. Boreal forest soils 2. Deciduous forest soils 3. Tropical rainforest soils 4. Midlatitude grassland soils 5. Desert soils 6. Tundra soils 7. Summary Soil Geography Link vegetation and climate types to basic soil categories “soil orders” Tundra Soils are cold and can be dry and wet: Gelisols Dessert Soils are hot and dry: Aridisols Grassland Soils are moderately dry and hot to warm: Mollisols Boreal forests are cool and mostly wet: Spodosols Deciduous forests are moderately warm/cold and mostly wet: Alfisols/Ultisols Tropical rainforests are hot and wet: Oxisols Boreal Forest Soils Spodosols o Common at higher latitudes in the subarctic climate Climate: o Wet extensive leaching acidic soil (some of the most acidic soils on Earth) o Long cold winter, fairly short mild-warm summer, not a long growing season. o Not a high evapotransportation rate o Cold slow Organic Matter decomposition litter build up Vegetation: o Evergreen needle leaf forest (acidic litter)—spruce, fur, pine trees. Low nutrient litter Parent Material: o Canadian Shield nutrient-poor bedrock sandy substrate Surrounds Hudson Bay Area Most of Canada Soils: o Low pH o Infertile o Coarse, well drained
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o Thick litter layer Soil order: o Spodosols Litter, minerals, irons leached by organic acids on the surface material and
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27 - Geography 1111 10/24/08 & 10/27/08 Soil Geography 1....

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