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Nov 21, 2008 Stream Dynamics 1.Floods 2.Change in drainage basins over time 3.Aggradational landforms 4.Degradational landforms I.Floods A. Low magnitude floods are common 1. Most channels experience overbank flooding every 1-2 years 2. Adds sediment to floodplain, nourishes soil 3. snowmelt, spring rains = peak flood season B. High magnitude floods are rare 1. 100 year flood has 1% chance of occurring every year II. Change in drainage basins over time A. Irregularities in longitudinal profile are worn down B. Lakes fill in C. Valleys become deeper and wider D. Hillsides become flatter l III. Aggradational Landforms A. Capacity < Load --> stream cant carry its load = deposition, aggradation
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Unformatted text preview: B. Conditions promoting aggradation: 1. Increase sediment load 2. Elevated base level 3. Decrease discharge a. Climate change --> drier b. Dams C. Landforms: 1. infilling of channel bed at head of lake 2. Delta formation III. Degradational Landforms A. Capacity > load --> stream has excess energy = erosion, degradation B. Factors promotion degradation: 1. Decreased sediment load 2. Lower base level C. Landforms: 1.Valley incision by stream 2. Dam --> reduces sediment load below dam 3. terrace formation on streams by floodplain...
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