9-16 notes - 9/16/08 Child Development: Social and...

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9/16/08 Child Development: Social and Personality Influenced by nature and nurture Temperament: a person’s characteristic emotional reactivity and intensity o Looking at activity level, emotionality, social aspects. o Building blocks of personality o Partially genetic Attachment: emotional bond between people o First attachment to primary caregiver at 6-7months. o Develops out of interactions between caregiver and child o Basic trust: sense that world is predictable and trustworthy place o Harlow’s monkeys… took monkeys away from their mothers and raised them in isolation. Had 2 fake mothers, one make of wire with bottle and one made out of cloth that was warm. Looking at which two mothers monkey would run to for comfort—ran to the clothed monkey. Quality of attachment (Ainsworth): o Secure: Strong, healthy bond Most infants o Resistant: Anxious o Avoidant: Bond appears to be lacking o Quality of attachment can have long lasting effects o Also, can have different types of attachment with different people in their life. o
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9-16 notes - 9/16/08 Child Development: Social and...

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