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Chapter 14 Treatment Using Mental Health Services Around 25% of US adults use mental health services each year Many who need help don’t seek it o Why? Lack of insurance, cost Social stigma: mental illness=personal weakness Women are more likely to use mental health services More education=more likely Many who seek treatment delay doing so for years o Median: 8 years for depression, 10 for panic disorder Why do people seek treatment? o Many reasons, not just because of disorders Only ~50% in treatment meet criteria of disorder Many types of treatments available (over 200 kinds!) o Can be loosely grouped into 3 categories Insight Therapies Involve verbal interactions intended to enhance clients’ self knowledge and promote healthful changes in personality and behavior o What is commonly thought of when you think of therapy o Client and the therapist talk to each other o Client gradually steered toward greater understanding of self Assume that having deeper understanding of oneself, examining motivations of behavior relieves mental distress Many very different approaches to insight therapy Types of insight therapy o Psychoanalysis : emphasizes recovery of unconscious conflicts, motives, and defenses Freud Used to treat anxiety caused by unconscious conflict
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12-2-08 docx - Chapter 14 Treatment Using Mental Health...

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