12-4-08 - 12-4-08Chapter 15: Social Behavior•Social...

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Unformatted text preview: 12-4-08Chapter 15: Social Behavior•Social Psychology: interested in how individual’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors are influenced by others. Perceiving Others•Person perception: process of forming impressions of othersoInfluenced by:Physical appearance: more attractive=more favorable impression •Judged more interesting, intelligent, socially skilled, etc.•No actual difference between attractive people and others•Also judged more competent and are more likely to have good job, make more money •Also influenced by Social Schemas:oOrganized clusters of ideas about social events and peopleoAllow us to process information and react quickly oAllow us to more easily store and remember information Person Perception•Stereotypes: widely held beliefs that people have certain characteristics because of membership in a groupoType of social schema shaped by social environment and shared cultureoNormal part of cognition allowing quick perception of a personoTypically automatic oMost common: gender, ethnic, occupational oNot always negativei.e. believing all women are nurturing oNot very accurate:Generalizing that entire group of people is the same = ignoring...
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12-4-08 - 12-4-08Chapter 15: Social Behavior•Social...

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