class notes ch 1 - 8/21/08- CLASS NOTES CH 1 WHAT IS...

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8/21/08- CLASS NOTES CH 1 WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY The scientific study of behaviors and mental processes. Study of both though procresses and behavior Behavior is as observable-running, hitting. Mental processes-is not observable-thinking, imagining. Study both humans and animals, and study a wide variety of topics. 4 GOALS OF PSYCHOLOGY -Autism example Description: describe behavior or mental processes. o 1 st need detailed description. Explanation: explain the causes of behavior. o Why a behavior occurs, or what causes it. o Refridgerator mothers (first thoughts (1900s)- working or involved in careers, very intelligent, but doesn’t provide with enough nurturance) o Genetic factors or medical factors. Prediction: predict how people and animals will react in certain situations. o Cannot predict yet—only more likely because of genetics o Predict certain behaviors that autistic children will have, so we can help. Control: control behavior o Want to control when it will happen. o Work up to the point of this, because it will help to control undesirable behaviors. o People become worried that people will be controlled beyond their will. o Psychological Perspectives Research differently, it gives a greater way for people to help other people. How people form different perspectives look at the same situations. Test anxiety- physical (sweaty hands), emotional (nervous), cognitive (think and focus) EXAMPLE. Psychoanalytic approach:
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class notes ch 1 - 8/21/08- CLASS NOTES CH 1 WHAT IS...

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