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Katelyn Fish 8102161990 Journal Date Did I go to the Gym? 10-7 Yes-worked out for an hour. Biked 3 miles, ran a mile, did abs. I rewarded myself my eating sour patch kids. 10/8 Yes- Ran a mile. Played basketball for an hour. I got to eat 100 grand bars. 10/9 Yes- Lifted weights, did abs, and biked two miles. I ate sour patch kids
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Unformatted text preview: and a cinnamon colossal cake. 10/13 Yes- Ran a mile outside. I ate m&m’s. 10/14 Yes-biked 2.5 miles, lifted weights, did abs. I ate more m&m’s. 10/15 Yes- I ran 2 miles. And Biked 3 miles. I at brownies and m&m’s. 10/16 Yes- I lifted weights and did abs. I ate sour patch kids....
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