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Katelyn Fish Leadership Paper 8/25/08 1) Leadership- being one step above others with ambition. Purpose- Bringing others together to complete a common goal. Puzzles me- The potential of those who can lead others, but do not act on their leadership skills. 2) Imp qualities- Bold, Outspoken, Passionate about cause, knowledgeable about cause. Leadership theories- ? 3) my leadership style/purpose- like to encourage others to share my passion about what I am leading them to do. i.e. leading others in club bball team… wanting others to participate in my passion and setting up the foundations for others to have a good time and exercise. I want people to be up to my level of knowledge about the subject so more can be done about the cause—leading in charity work that I have done through NCL. Believe in/value- value passion and integrity. Desire. Want to become more
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Unformatted text preview: knowledgeable. Believe there is leadership potential in everyone; it’s about expressing it. Passionate about- sports, charity, kids. How I lead others- with words. Experience-bringing others along with me as I volunteer with dif. Organizations and showing them how much it means to me as well as the people I am doing it for. Vocalizing my concerns, or ideas of how to better a situation. Conclusion- address what I hope to gain/learn this semester. I want to become a better leader, and to learn skills that will help me for the future, not just in leading others, but in leading myself through life as well. I want to learn how to successfully lead a group of people and hopefully “train” to become a dawg camp counselor next year! I hope to learn from my peers as well to give me insight on my own personal leadership purpose....
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