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En mi casa tengo una familia nuclear. My mom, my dad, my brother and two dogs live with me. I love them a lot. Right now I am a student at the University of Georgia, majoring in Public Relations. School can be very hard sometimes and I have to work at it to make sure I succeed. I wouldn’t change being a student for any other occupation. I am eighteen years old. My birthday is July 29 th . I live in Lipscomb Hall on the corner on Baxter St. and Lumpkin St. My dorm is a brick building that is four floors. I love my roommate and hall mates. They are all girls, but we also hang out with the guys on the floor below us. I am a very outgoing person. I love to talk and meet a lot of people.
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Unformatted text preview: I love how my family will always be there to support me. I can talk to them about almost anything. I always know that if I have problems with money I can go to them as well. Even though I want to be very independent. I dont like that my mom is always bothering me about my grades. It stresses me out and makes me get really nervous before tests. I want her to just relax a little bit and let me handle my life. I know how to study. I lived with her for eighteen years and have had enough. En el fin me encanta mi familia mucho y no doy para nadie....
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