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Katelyn Fish 9/17/09 Assignment 1 While listening to the different careers in advertising during class and reading more about them on I have come to the conclusion that I would enjoy being an Account Planner the most. I love jumping the gun and getting involved in new organizations or new ideas and helping more people utilize them. In general, I am a very organized person. I organize everything in my life from my room to my emails on my computer to the thoughts running through my head to remember for later. Creative ideas always come to mind for something that I am involved with, or a project that I am working on. As a psychology major, I am learning how to understand the human mind. An
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Unformatted text preview: accompanying major of psychology would really help as an account planner. Since the focus is on the consumer and what they want, knowing more about how people think could only be beneficial in a job like account planning. I enjoy working with people, so team strategizing is definitely a job task and an environment that I would thrive in. If I majored in advertising, account planning would be a career that I would want to pursue due to my strengths in knowledge about psychology, outgoing and organized personality, and creative ideas that I could help give to a client....
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