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ad test 1 imp notes - ADVERTISING TEST 1 IMPORTANT THINGS...

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ADVERTISING TEST 1 IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER See 113 ads per day By age 16 you’ve seen over 350,000 commercials which is ~2 yrs of your life Definition of AD: A form of non-personal communication o Transferred through the media o Usually paid for o Usually persuasive o About products (goods, services, ideas) o Usually identified sponsor (brand sponsor) Marketing Communication: 1. Advertising - traditional media placement a. Above the line exposure 2. Public Relations - creating exposure for your clients a. News items, talk shows, interviews, part of loyalty programs, publicity, etc. b. Below the line exposure 3. Sales Promotion - incentives to take action now a. In store sampling, coupons, premiums, contests, sweepstakes, etc b. Below the line exposure 4. Personal selling - face to face traditional a. Most effective, just expensive and not sales time savvy 5. Direct Response -respond directly to the marketer a. Telemarketing, direct mail, catalogs, direct-response tv ads (i.e. snuggies) b. Below the line exposure 6. Sponsorship -linking to a meaningful cause/event a. Events-rock concerts, sports-NASCAR, ballparks, corporate, cause, product placement b. Below the line exposure 7. Digital/Interactive - use of internet, mobile, facebook a. Internet-websites, online ads, games, email marketing, search, etc b. Below the line exposure CH 2 in Book Notes : Convergence: The blending of various facets of marketing functions and communication technology to create more efficient and expanded synergies. Aka: intersecting different components of some related systems Refers to 3 areas: Technological Convergence: DVDS watching on TV or radio through computer. Business Convergence: Consolidation of modern business merging Content Convergence: stretch use of communication content. Networks sharing reruns.
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Citizen Media: more control by users of communication rather than by providers. Also, audience plays an active role in creating media content. Primary Factors in a typical Marketing Plan : 1. Overall goal of the plan 2. Marketing Objectives 3. Marking Strategy 4. Situational analysis 5. Problems and opportunities 6. Financial Plan 7. Research Communication tasks specific to brand and company objectives 1. Prospect identification: company’s prime prospects, i.e. who they are, social cultural, and psychological characteristics that predict purchase behavior. 2. Consumer motivations: accurate insights about our core consumers will
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ad test 1 imp notes - ADVERTISING TEST 1 IMPORTANT THINGS...

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