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print media assignment - When comparing the two mediums of...

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Katelyn Fish 11/10/09 In the magazine Cosmopolitan , there were a lot of make-up, perfume, hair product and personal hygiene advertisements. The target audience in Cosmopolitan is young adult women, which is what most of these ads were geared toward. There were also a few car ads, as well as laundry detergent and household products, birth control and weight loss solutions that young women are constantly looking for so it didn’t surprise me when I found these ads in this magazine as well. In the newspaper USA Today , I found more of the ads were for hotels and insurance companies. They were more generalized towards an older audience and for people that have a constant household income.
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Unformatted text preview: When comparing the two mediums of advertisements, magazine ads contained more color while majority of newspaper ads were black and white. There is a specific target audience in both. Newspaper is commonly thought to attract more of an older audience. There is definitely less ads in a newspaper and more information. The magazine ads contained an ad almost every other page, more spaces for advertisements. Medium Total # ADS TOP AD 1 TOP AD 2 TOP AD 3 TOP AD 4 TOP AD 5 Magazine 93 Oscar Mayer CK Perfume Dawn KIA moters Arm & Hammer Newspaper 27 Pepsi Applebee’s Nucor Garmin Children’s Miracle Network...
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print media assignment - When comparing the two mediums of...

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