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tv ad summary - switches to a jungle Once through the...

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TV AD Story Summary: Tim McGraw is the driver of the Mahindra truck. Advertisement begins at a gas station with the two trucks side-by-side filling up gas, just staring at the other one’s truck. Scene goes to the two trucks on the highway side by side and the Mahindra pulls ahead and then veers off the road and goes down a bunch of rocks. Scene turns into a beach as the truck drives through the end of the sand/water then into a sand dune where the scene
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Unformatted text preview: switches to a jungle. Once through the jungle the two trucks meet up again at the stoplight. The guy in the Tacoma stares at the Tim McGraw in the Mahindra and checks out his truck with an eyebrow raise. Scene then goes to black screen with information about the truck. This ad represents… • Comparisons • Combination • Visual vicissitudes...
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