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water quality letter to mayor bio

water quality letter to mayor bio - Octobor 6 2009 Katelyn...

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Octobor 6, 2009 Katelyn E. Fish 530 S Milledge Ave Athens, GA 30605 Mayor Emma Greenthumb Herrick City Hall 123 Soilford Drive Dirty, GA 30601 Dear Honorable Mayor Greenthumb, I am writing to tell you about a problem in our local community. Our beautiful lake Herrick, located on the University of Georgia campus, is becoming more and more polluted every day. I know that as a community we take great pride in our environment that surrounds us, so I feel like this issue needs to be addressed immediately. I discovered this problem when I was taking my dog on a walk on the trail that surrounds the lake. My dog is what actually led me to my findings. She found food wrappers near the banks, tennis balls, which she loved of course, a beer bottle, as well as another dog’s feces because their owner didn’t pick up after their pet. As we continued our walk around the lake we continued to find more of the same litter, as well as dog owners letting their dog off of their leash to swim in the water and go to the restroom along the shore.
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