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Abnormal Psyc - Katelyn Fish In the article...

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Katelyn Fish In the article, “Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder and Suicidal Behavior: Evidence for a Positive Association in a sample of Depressed Patients, “ a case study is performed to determine if there is an association between obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) and suicidal behavior. Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is defined as, “characterized by a tendency to be excessively controlling with one’s environment, a need for predictability, and excessive orderliness.” In this case study of 311 patients, who were referred to have a psychiatric consultation, they were classified into three groups and compared. The three groups being compared were people with OCPD and a history of depression, no personality disorder but depression, and other psychiatric diagnosis but not on the Axis II of the DSM. The hypothesis of the case study was that “patients with OCPD would display increased suicidality, independent of their history of mood disorders.” A lot of factors play into this case study. First, if depression is in the picture, then
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Abnormal Psyc - Katelyn Fish In the article...

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