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Katelyn Fish In the article “Risk Factors for the Development of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Following Combat Trauma: A Semiprospective Study” the main objective was to determine what risk factors were evidence for developing PTSD so that they could improve the process of psychiatric screening for new recruits. The study identified a variety of factors that could be a determining cause to PTSD. These factors consisted of education, draft board assessment, service characteristics, rank, and training. PTSD occurs in two forms. Acute, which is soon after the event for at least one month, or chronic which affects 29% to 39% of the United States military population. During the eras of the two world wars, intelligence testing was the main test that determined PTSD risk. In today’s day and age, risk is determined by premilitary, military, and postmilitary factors. The trauma intensity also plays an important role. Extensive research was done in order for this study to be effective and to yield
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