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RADIO AD Trader Joes - sweet cake mix yet MILK:What about...

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“TRADER JOE’S”: 30 RADIO SFX: SCANNERS BEEPING. JUICE: Hey, man! MILK: (no answer) JUICE: Pssst…Milk! Wake up! MILK: (sleepily): What!? What!? I’m up, Juice! JUICE: Have you checked out them new apples yet?. ..Pretty juicy! MILK:No, man, but I made sure to get a squeeze of those fresh oranges this morning. JUICE: (chuckling & dragging out the word): Nicccee. You getta taste of that
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Unformatted text preview: sweet cake mix yet? MILK:What about those Smooth sauces and marinades? JUICE: (sighing): Ahhhh….I’ll have to work the aisles later. ANNCR: Trader Joe’s…. (adjectives said quickly): The juiciest, freshest, cleanest, sweetest, most awesome products in Athens. Only the best at Trader Joe’s. Now open off of Epps Bridge Parkway, across from Lowes. Come get a piece of the action at Trader Joe’s today....
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