Test 2 - Study Guide/Review for Test 2 Media Planning...

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Study Guide/Review for Test 2 Media Planning Circulation: # of copies sold or distributed Readers per copy: # of readers who will see the average issue. *Not a % Total Audience of Average Issue Circulation Total Audience Sum of the readers despite how much they read or how they obtained it. Includes: Primary Readers- people who purchase Pass-along readers- people who primary readers give to In-home readers- people who read at home Out-of-home readers- read outside of the home Coverage # of circulation units as a % of households in an area Circulation # of households x 100 ROP- Run of Press/Run of Paper. Regular Ad you see printed in part of the newspaper National Advertising prices are higher than Local Advertising prices Co-Op Ad- National distributer & local dealer both pay for advertisement. Ex: Toyota with a local dealer-address on bottom of ad Standard Advertising Unit (SAU) 1 column: 2-1/16” *FD (Full Depth)- can be 21” or deeper. Depths for each broadsheet newspaper are indicated in the SRDS. All broadsheet wwp can accept 21” ads, and may float them if their depth is > 21”
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Column Inch- 1 column wide, 1 inch deep Cost Efficiency Coast Per Thousand (CPM): Looks at the relationship between cost of the ad unit in a vehicle and audience delivered Ad Cost x 1000 Or Ad Cost x 1000 Circulation audience delivered #’s too small to do cost for just 1 person Must include $ sign. It’s MONEY!! Best used for intra-media comparisons. (Comparing between 2 newspapers-same media type) Inter-2 different media types, such as magazines and tv SRDS Cost info Available at http://www.srds.com/library (only on UGA computers) Display Ads-regular ads in a newspaper ABC- Audit Bureau Circulation Outlook for Newspapers Local Market Research Newspapers as a delivery system Declining “reader size” of youth market E-papers/online editions Continued competition for classified ads Magazines National, regional, or local
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Test 2 - Study Guide/Review for Test 2 Media Planning...

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