Research Psyc 2 - 8/19/10 & 8/24/10 Class Notes:...

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Class Notes: Measures of Central Tendency Descriptive statistics: Info about numbers/data sets Inferential Statistics: tools or procedures that are used to make procedures based on different numbers. Objective: To identify ways of measuring central tendency; to understand the relationships among them What is a measure of central tendency? A method for collapsing many numbers into a few that can describe them all. Population: every single subject, entire group. Like to make conclusions about populations. Sample: used to make a conclusion about a population. Smaller part of a population. The Mean Verbal Definition: the sum of the scores divided by the number of scores Formula: μ = X Sum of scores/number of scores N Characteristics of the Mean: It is the balance point of a distribution (the summed deviations from the mean equal 0) (x- μ )=0 (x- μ ) deviation score All of the differences from the means will always add up to 0 Sensitive to extreme scores (outliers) A high or low extreme number can extremely screw up the mean. The Median Definition: the score point in a distribution that has 50% of the scores on each side of it How to find the median: a. Line up all the scores from lowest to highest b. Find the middle score. This is the median. c. In the case of an even number of data points, compute the mean of the two scores The Mode Definition: the most frequent score in a distribution Highest point in distribution How to find the mode: find the score with the most frequencies Unimodal vs. bimodal distributions Relationships Among These Measures: In a unimodal symmetrical distribution
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Research Psyc 2 - 8/19/10 & 8/24/10 Class Notes:...

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