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Politicial Science - “We the people” does have...

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Pols 1101 1-8-09 Messiah: talks for God The idea of democracy: comes in many forms -Comparisons in Britain and some of its former territories France= King when George Washington became President France-older country, younger govt. US- worlds oldest democracy Dif. Between a democracy and a republic: DEMOCRACY- ruled by the people . Can come in 2 forms- direct and indirect Direct- We collectively participate and make these decisions. Like a New England town home meeting. What we are directly asked on a ballot to maybe change the constitution. (i.e. to legalize gay marriage) @ state and local level Indirect- synonymous to the term republic . We choose others to represent us. Like a hybrid- a mixture. Predominately indirect. We can’t all sit down together to vote on an issue. Sometimes the people may need to change the system. 1861- South/Confederacy made German Democratic Republic- not a democracy “We do this in the name of the people”-not enough, must be periodic return of those in charge back to the people
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Unformatted text preview: “We the people” does have meaning… it’s who is eligible in the vote (18+, who are citizens) but it has changed over the years Popular sovereignty - ultimate authority rests with the people We have a representative democracy—mixture of all. Must be some sort of meaningful vote. To have choice there has to be at least 2 options- 2 candidates/parties with realistic chances of winning. Democratic vs Republication- oldest 2 party system in the world. Has been around since the 1850s (the Antebellum period) Party of Jefferson (1790s Democratic Party) and Andrew Jackson Britain’s match up has only been around since around the Great Depression. Has to have frequent rotation of offices—essential for democracy. When one party dominates for a long period of time—leads to instability. Jan 20 th —peaceful transfer of power from one party to another. Public occasion before “we the people” the public can see the changing of the guard....
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Politicial Science - “We the people” does have...

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