1-22-09 - 1-22-09Political ScienceDemocratization: Formal...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-22-09Political ScienceDemocratization: Formal and I nformal ChangesFormal: Changes to the constitutionInformal: many informal changes Presidential speeches:•Obama taps into our history•Elaborated on religion element—first president to use the term Muslim in an inaugural address. Bush-used Mosque in 2001, in 2005 our country has improved because of our teachings of Muslim culture. •Obama followed in Bush’s steps by referring to Muslims. Special address part of political community. •But he also said that certain govt.’s around the world need to stop blaming the west because we will defeat you. Formal Democratization•No religious Test (1787, Article VI)oReligion-first thing noted in the Bill of RightsoSome colonies had to affirm the t rinity•The Bill of Rights (1791, 1st10 Amendments)o1stspeaker of the house was a ministeroChurches were revolutionary—unlike French Revolutiono18thcentury religion was diverse-no set religion oVision of improving—democratic—have to strive to become...
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1-22-09 - 1-22-09Political ScienceDemocratization: Formal...

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