polisci book notes pages 161-173 and 240-244

polisci book notes pages 161-173 and 240-244 - Polisci Pgs...

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Polisci Pgs 161-173 Political Socialization and Partisan Genetic Predispositions Genetics and environment in which we live interact to affect our thinking, our being, and our reactions to situations and events. Most political science research has been directed toward the effect of environment because environmental variables are easier to identify and measure than genetic traits The Socialization Process Political Socialization: the process by which people acquire the values, beliefs, and opinions that motivate their involvement and condition their activities in the political system. Citizenship: the responsibilities that inhabitants of a certain virtue of their birth or naturalization. People who make less money and are at the bottom of the social tower usually are more unlikely to support the government. Process starts early in life based on family influence and then is continued in school, church, and other recreational events. By 2 nd grade kids are familiar with the President and a local police officer; as well as the flag, the national anthem, and George Washington. By adolescence there is a positive association with kids and the government. This is important because it links a bind between people and government that is essential to recognizing the right of the government to make laws. Growing in age=more sophisticated viewpoints of government. This point is critical—it is the beginning of choosing a “side”. Party Affiliation
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polisci book notes pages 161-173 and 240-244 - Polisci Pgs...

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