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Katelyn Fish 3/22/09 Political Socialization/Identification Politics was never something that I was interested in up until about six months ago, at the hype of the OBAMA-MCCAIN election. When I was younger I never really cared about which party was in power, or who was leading the United States as long as I still enjoyed the freedoms that I do today. Partially, was due to the fact that I was not able to vote, and therefore my opinions didn’t really matter anyways until I turned eighteen. As I matured through my years in school, I developed opinions about certain issues, such as abortion, but I never thought about taking time to identify with a particular party. Today, I call myself a Republican due to the main values on family, religion, and moral and economical issues. Growing up in a family with very conservative values and beliefs was probably the beginning to me leaning towards the Republican side. I was always taught the difference between right and wrong, and I had strict rules to follow growing up. I wasn’t allowed to go crazy and get as many piercings as I wanted, and my mom always made sure I dressed conservative as well. Each year Thanksgiving and Christmas were always the same, very traditional. I have always thought that this is how things are done in life and although I like change, this instance is not one of them. I love putting milk and cookies out for Santa, even at
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republican paper - Katelyn Fish Political...

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