Geog 1113 test 1 - 1/7/10 GEOGRAPHY: the study and analysis...

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1/7/10 GEOGRAPHY : the study and analysis of the spatial and temporal distribution of phenomena on the Earth's surface, and the underlying processes which cause the observed pattern ** the spatial science of Four Traditions in Geography: developed by W.D. Pattison in 1964 Earth-Science tradition : physical geography; studying the world around us, Culture-Environment tradition : the impacts of the environment on people & their impact on the environment; the relationship between human societies EX: the impact of deforestation on a region, or the impact of a hurricane on a region Locational tradition: the spatial component of geography; being concerned with where things are; the patterns or distribution of the phenomena EX: Location Theory : used to explain the pattern of an activity or phenomena Area-Analysis tradition: regional science or study; studying all the various phenomena of a particular area of the world EX: regional study of North America, Asia, or Africa, etc Five Fundamental Themes of Geography: 1) Location : absolute and relative 2) Place : characteristics that make a location unique 3) Movement : diffusion across Earth's surface 4) Regions : areas with uniform/similar characteristics 5) Human-Earth Relationships : use of the environment by humans 3 Main Sub-disciplines or areas in Geography 1) Physical Geography : Biogeography, Geomorphology, Climatology, Hydrogeography, Soils geography 2) Human/Cultural Geography : Economic, Political, Historical, Population, Urban, etc. 3) Techniques : Cartography, Remote Sensing, Aerial Photography, Geographic Information Systems(GIS) pg. 289 ** in this course we are concerned with physical geography, & specifically Geomorphology or the study of landforms * As an area of study, Physical Geography is quite old. ** Eratosthenes
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Geog 1113 test 1 - 1/7/10 GEOGRAPHY: the study and analysis...

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